“One successful event is born out of a
thousand details”

ACCK Limited was founded by the directors of Live Ace Group, a company who goes on since 2007 on the entertainment business of all kind. Since 2017 L.A.G. has created is own exhibition brand, VAPEXPRO and making B2B exhibitions all over Europe for the vaping industry. ACCK Limited is coming to expland this brand and create new marketing opportunities to other innovative industries as well, such as vaping, electronic technology, gaming and many more. Join us and be part of the history and the future of Show Business!


International Vaping Exhibition. See our past events. Welcome to the Vaping world.

Fun Moments

Enjoy taking the time to explain the products and ensuring you understand the products you are using. Keep up with all the fun Vapexpro has to offer!

Vapexpro video

Vaping has blown up in popularity in recent years. Like anything popular, it’s become the subject of many a meme.

Our Partners

External partnerships are essential to the achievement of our mission, which is the reason why we work with players that are driven by the same convictions as us.


61 Bridge Street, Kington, HR5 3DJ England, United Kingdom

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